Principal Investigator

Dr. Kristin A. Persson

Kristin enjoys orchestrating in-silico adventures in materials science. She also has a demonstrated aptitude for tree-climbing.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Joseph Montoya

A chemical engineer by training, Joey hopes to be a catalyst that accelerates development of fuel cell and electrolytic technologies by adding surface science to MP’s high-throughput infrastructure.

Dr. Arunima Singh

Arunima studies surfaces and interfaces of nanomaterials for nanoelectronic and solar-energy conversion applications.

Dr. Matthew Horton

Matthew is attracted to the idea of studying magnets, and thinks refrigeration is pretty cool, so it’s only natural he’d find himself working on magnetocalorics. His interests include high-throughput materials discovery and finding new ways technology can help improve science education.

Dr. Trevor Seguin
Dr. Sang-Won Park

Sang-Won is a physical chemist and now works on the structure and dynamics of electrolytes at interfaces. He’s in his Science-Engineering Interphase.

Dr. Samuel Blau

Sam gets charged up thinking about battery interfaces. Despite his preference towards first-principles approaches, he’s coming around to the idea of letting machine learning do the heavy lifting.

Dr. Jimmy Shen

Graduate Students

Brandon Wood

Brandon aspires to follow in the footsteps of world-renowned battery detective Sherlock Ohms, and as a result he is studying solid state electrolyte dynamics.

Julian Self

Member of the linear response team, Julian is interested in liquid electrolytes and energy storage devices.

Rebecca Stern

Rebecca investigates the stability of inorganic metal clusters under various aqueous environments for the production of functional thin-films. She believes that you should seas the day by going to the beach, not by seizing her starfish-decorated coffee mug.

Rachel Woods-Robinson

Rachel is a joint PhD student at NREL studying high-throughput computation, synthesis, and characterization of electrode materials for solar energy and optoelectronic applications. She is the co-founder of Cycle for Science, aka an excuse to go on crazy pedal-powered adventures, blab about renewable energy, and eat lots of ice cream (as fuel, of course).

Tingzheng Hou

Tingzheng got his Bachelor’s and Master’s from Tsinghua University. He seeks to understand the interface interactions between electrodes and electrolytes in high-energy battery systems.

John Dagdelen

John joined the Persson group shortly before earning his undergraduate degree in Materials Science from UC Berkeley in 2016. As an expert bounty-hunter, he works on finding materials with unusual mechanical properties through computational screening methodologies.

David Mrdjenovich

A member of the Persson Group since 2015, David is very excited to continue work as an incoming PhD student of 2017. Intensely investigating the intricacies of intrinsic crystal symmetries, David avidly dabbles in mathematics as a means to soothe his hippopoto­monstro­sesqui­pedalio­phobia.

Handong Ling
Kara Fong

Kara is a PhD student in Chemical Engineering, co-advised by Bryan McCloskey. She’s got her ion studying polyelectrolyte solutions for lithium ion batteries.


Dr. Patrick Huck

Trained as a high-energy nuclear physicist, Patrick now uses his collaborative and dissecting skills to bring exciting new science into the MP and improve its infrastructure. He is a passionate coder with a knack for challenges who can’t help but admire squirrels for their bustling activity and apparent optimism.

Dr. Donny Winston

Donny studied scanning-charged-particle-beam lithography before shifting professional focus to software-as-a-service. He uses hyphens extensively.

Dr. Shyam Dwaraknath

Shyam is a nuclear engineer attempting to activate close collaborations between computational and experimental material science. Hopefully his efforts have a long decay constant.

Undergraduate Students

Katie Latimer

Katie is a junior at UC Berkeley studying physics and chemistry. When she grows up, she wants to save the world.

Joseph Palakapilly

Joseph is an undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Materials Science. He is from Sugar Land and wishes all cities had such amusing names.

Qiaohao Liang

Qiaohao is a junior at UC Berkeley studying Material Science and EECS. Qiaohao has strong interest in enhancing material science research via machine learning. He also grew up in Finland and has seen Santa Claus in person.

Visiting Researchers

Steven Torrisi


Dr. Nav Nidhi Rajput

Nidhi studies solvation structure and dynamics of electrolytes. She insists that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.

Dr. Kiran Mathew

Kiran is a machine for turning coffee into material property workflows.

Dr. Miao Liu

Miao accelerates the discovery of new energy-storage materials using high-throughput first-principles calculations. His interest also extends to low-dimensional nanostructures. He is currently an associate professor at Institute of Physics in Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Xiaohui Qu

Xiaohui works on high-throughput screening and design of novel electrolyte compounds. He continues his enthusiasm for batteries with a focus on the binder and on organic cathode materials. He is also expanding his vision to AI-driven rational design of functional molecules.

Dr. Yongwoo Shin

Yongwoo’s research seeks to elucidate structure-property relationships of novel energy materials. He is currently at Samsung in Boston.

Dr. Muratahan Aykol

Murat works at the intersection of computational materials science, informatics and infrastructure to provide new insights into designing better materials. He enjoys generating large material datasets as much as mining them to discover materials for a range of applications from batteries to corrosion protection. He is currently at Toyota Research in Palo Alto.

Dr. Hong (Kevin) Ding

Kevin seeks to understand the thermodynamic, kinetic, and mechanical properties of a wide range of technologically important materials via computation. For leisure, he reads (mostly about density functional theory), cooks, and travels. He is now a top industrial user of the Materials Project.

Dr. Wei Chen

Wei can see through the crystal ball of big data to tell the fortune of materials. He joined the faculty of the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Dr. Anubhav Jain

Anubhav is a materials hacker, working on high-throughput computational design of new materials in applications such as Li-ion batteries, multivalent batteries, and thermoelectrics. He is a staff scientist at LBL, and a PI on the Materials Project.

Miriam Brafman

Miriam founded Packlane, bringing her aptitude for great design well beyond web portals for materials scientists.

Dr. Eunseok Lee

Eunsook joined the faculty of the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Dr. Michael Kocher

Michael is having a blast in industry.

Dr. Altaf Karim

Altaf joined the faculty of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology in Pakistan.

Dr. Jie Yu

Jie joined the faculty of Temple University as a research assistant professor.