Welcome to the Persson Group home page. We study the physics and chemistry of materials using atomistic computational methods and high-performance computing technology.

We focus on materials for energy applications, such as battery electrode materials, electrolytes, photocatalysts, thermoelectrics, etc.



  • 14 December 2017

    Forbes interviewed Kristin about supercomputing at LBNL and the potential for computing to change the face of materials discovery, synthesis, and manufacturing. Read it here.

  • 08 December 2017

    American Public Media’s “Marketplace” radio program interviewed Kristin about battery technology. Listen to it / read the transcript here.

  • 16 June 2017

    Our work on formalising the integration of Pourbaix diagrams with nanoscale aqueous clusters was published in Nature Communications and featured in ScienceDaily. Read the open-access article here.